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Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort is approximately 100 kilometers from the Cagayan De Oro (CDO) City Airport which is served by daily flights from NAIA–Manila’s International Airport and Cebu City.
Inter-island ferries likewise make regular stops at the Port of CDO. From the airport, the cost of a cab ride to MADR is around 3000-3500 pesos ($67-78 USD). Please agree on the price beforehand and tell the Cab Driver to take you to Balingoan. We are only a few hundred yards down from the Balingoan Pier, on the left side of the National Highway and we have a prominent sign at our entranceway.
We can also provide round trip Airport-Resort transfers. Via Manila: The Ninoy Aquino International Airport is serviced by most airlines from the major Asian, Australian, European and USA cities on the west coast. There are flights to Cagayan De Oro City throughout the day. Transfer to the Domestic Airport to catch them.Via Cebu: The Mactan International Airport reachable via Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Malaysia and several European Cities (via Hong Kong or Singapore).From Cebu City Pier, there are ferries to Cagayan De Oro City. Please contact us directly to make bookings for you.


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Flight and Vessel Schedule
Cagayan – Manila
Manila – Cagayan
ETD 0640 – ETA 0805
ETD 1335 – ETA 1500
ETD 1730 – ETA 1855
ETD 0445 – ETA 0610
ETD 1140 – ETA 1305
ETD 1535 – ETA 1700
ETD 0745 – ETA 0920
ETD 1005 – ETA 1140
ETD 1035 – ETA 1200
ETD 1235 – ETA 1410
ETD 1355 – ETA 1520
ETD 1600 – ETA 1735
ETD 0510 – ETA 0655
ETD 0730 – ETA 0915
ETD 0840 – ETA 1005
ETD 1000 – ETA 1145
ETD 1200 – ETA 1325
ETD 1325 – ETA 1510
ETD 1035 – ETA 1200
ETD 1355 – ETA 1520
ETD 0840 – ETA 1005
*Schedules are subject to change. Please check their websites to confirm flight times.
1 US$ is at approximately Php 46.00. Most resorts will accept US Dollars and travelers checks. But there are Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas authorized money changers at the airports as well as the local banks in the cities. If you are in a city that hosts an SM Department Store, use their Foreign Currency Exchange Counters. They offer excellent rates and a place to spend it!