Scuba Diving

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A PADI accredited resort superbly located to be able to access more than a dozen divesites in the northern Mindanao mainland and Camiguin island. The dive shoppe has sets of well maintained equipment for rent (but it is best to bring your own). Tanks are usually aluminum 80s with yoke fittings. Compressor is a Bauer Mariner with 8 cfm rating for fast filling of tanks. Nitrox is mixed with a stick blender and is available for FREE to certified in-house guests. Most dives are done from 30foot speed boats with 115 HP outboard motors with 6 divers/ boat.

P3,000/diver - 2 dives at Nearby Sites
P4,500/ diver – 3 Dives at Camiguin
(Minimum of 3 Divers) with Tanks, Weights, Divemaster Guide, Boat, and Lunch.
Jigdup Slope Image

Jigdup Slope "Far Sites"

Great coral diversity! Whips, dendros, blue damsels, angels, butterflies, rainbow runners, occasional horse eyed jacks.
Cabuan Image

Cabuan "Far Sites"

Sloping reef, banner fishes, pink anthias, branching and boulder corals as well as soft corals Mandarinfish, softcoral crabs and much more.
Banaug Image

Banaug "Nearby"

Lush black corals, seafans and whips. Schools of fishes like Randall's, silver fusiliers, drummers, surgeonfishes, pipe and trumpet fishes and many more.
Mantigue Island Image

Mantigue Island "Far Sites"

Steep slope, school of jacks, sweetlips, rabbitfishes, snappers, drummers. Frogfishes ( if you can spot them), good coral cover.
Burias Shoal Image

Burias Shoal "Far Sites"

A series to mini-walls and slopes. This current swept site is characterized by house sized brain coral, resident schools of jacks and midnight snappers, and bonito. Green and yellow sea cucumbers carpet exposed stones.
Old Volcano Image

Old Volcano "Far Sites"

Gigantic volcanic boulders encrusted with marine life. Unique seascape, softcorals and sea fans. Great spot for wide angle shots.
Lapinig Island Image

Lapinig Island "Nearby"

Sand slope with coral patches, pygmy seahorses (Barbiganti and Denise), slugs and nudies, tiny fresh water springs. Macro haven.
Sta. Ines Wreck Image

Sta. Ines Wreck "Nearby"

You'll see a WW II pontoon bridge wreck, shallow soft coral garden, whip corals, whip coral shrimps, black corals, pink anthias and more.
Talisayan Shoal Image

Talisayan Shoal "Nearby"

Shallow coral garden, damsels and clowns, dome and disk corals, coleman shrimps, parrotfishes, wrasses and angelfishes. Mating mandarinfishes on late afternoon dives.
Sipaca Image

Sipaca "Nearby"

Bugtong Bato (the lone rock) in a coastal promontory 7 minutes away from the resort by dive boat. A shallow reef (I have done 90 minute dives here with plenty of air to spare) sharply demarcated from the sandy slope. Whips with gobies and more...